Superbook Project

Special Superbook Broadcast

Superbook Broadcast

Join The Superbook Project on January 27th, starting at 4 PM EST, to watch never before aired episodes of Superbook and get an inside look at how Superbook is changing the lives of kids around the world.

This special Superbook live event will be broadcast simultaneously on the following channels:

Broadcast Schedule

Solomon's Temple

4:00 P.M. EST
Solomon’s Temple

Chris realizes that he won’t be able to attend the National Competition Finals with his Rampaging-Robots team and the robot he designed! Superbook appears and whisks the kids away to Ancient Israel where they meet King David’s son, Solomon, who will build the Temple of the Lord his father designed. Chris is amazed and a little confused how King David could design and prepare such an amazing structure, only to have someone else build it. Chris learns that it is the Lord’s plan that succeeds, and that being a part of His plan is the best plan of all. After returning home, Chris accepts that while he can’t attend the competition, he can still give his team the game winning plan and strategy, which they use to win the championship trophy.
Peter's Escape

4:30 P.M. EST
Peter's Escape

Chris and Gizmo try to help Joy do a school geography project by sending her on a round-the-world Holo-9 virtual tour. As she sees scenes of deprivation and hardship, Joy is overwhelmed by the state of the human condition and wonders how she can make a difference. Superbook takes Joy, Chris and Gizmo to meet Peter, Rhoda, Mary, and other followers of Jesus. The children will learn how the power of prayer can lead to miraculous changes.
Jesus Heals the Blind

5:00 P.M. EST
Jesus Heals The Blind

Joy and Chris go to see a Christmas pageant that Chris’ dad is running lights for. Chris recognizes the church as the one his grandfather took him to. This causes him to wonder why they no longer go to church as a family. Superbook arrives to take Joy, Chris, and Gizmo back in time to watch Jesus heal three blind men. They discover that some people are too blind to see Jesus as the Messiah.
Joshua and Caleb

5:30 P.M. EST
Joshua and Caleb

Chris gets his big break to start on the soccer team. His excitement quickly fades when he finds out some teammates are willing to cheat to win. Even worse, they want Chris to help them! Chris is in a bad spot! Superbook whisks the kids back to meet Caleb, Joshua and the ten other spies sent out by Moses to explore the land of Canaan the Lord has promised the Israelites.
Elijah and the Widow

6:00 P.M. EST
Elijah and the Widow

Phoebe sends Chris out shopping for a list of items that she wants him to pick up at many different specialty shops. When Chris secretly decides he knows better and can get everything in a “one-stop-shop,” Superbook whisks the kids away. They spend time with Elijah in Cherith’s Ravine and travel with him to Zarephath.
Teach Us To Pray

6:30 P.M. EST
Teach Us to Pray

After his grandpa dies, Chris and his grandma find an old family Bible. When she begins to cry, Chris feels desperate. What can he do to help? Get ready for a heart-pounding adventure as Superbook takes Chris, Joy and Gizmo back to New Testament times. Witness the wonder as Jesus is gloriously transfigured on the mountaintop. See how He teaches the disciples to pray in faith—and to cast out demons! Children will discover that the Lord’s Prayer is still the perfect guideline for praying today.

7:00 P.M. EST

When Chris encounters bullies stealing money from a blind man, he is too afraid to stand up to them. Superbook whisks the kids away to Jerusalem 600 B.C.. They meet the great prophet, Jeremiah, who faces humiliation, degradation, and possible death for speaking God’s message of repentance and judgment. The kids are whisked home and Chris gathers the strength, from Jeremiah’s example, to stand up to the bullies as Jeremiah did in his day.

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