Superbook Project

Help us bring Superbook to a new generation in Japan

Help us bring Superbook to a new generation in Japan!

In October 1981, CBN’s original Superbook animated Bible series was televised in Japan. It was an instant success, and the Bible became one of the best-selling books in the nation. Little did we realize what impact the series would have in Japan and around the world.

More than 30 years passed since Superbook’s phenomenal success in Japan.

Last October, thanks to the support of friends like you, the reimagined Superbook reached a whole new generation of Japanese children! Season One was a huge hit, filling a deep need for today’s kids to know about the Bible.

Here’s what a 7-year-old in Tokyo wrote: “There is a church near our house, and we often get flyers saying, ‘Please come to hear talks from the Bible.’ But my other friends won’t go with me, so I can’t go. I’ve been wondering what the Bible is. I’m glad I could see it on TV."

We have an exciting new opportunity to continue our broadcasts in Japan with Season Two of Superbook. We urgently need your support to share the love of Jesus and the stories of the Bible with tens of thousands of children.

Your gift will play a vital role in continuing Superbook broadcasts in Japan, translation for episodes, mobile apps and the website, developing resources for schools and churches, and much more!