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Calming a Child’s Fears

Damiel’s family survived a killer typhoon that struck the Philippines.  They lost everything except some surf boards from a family rental business.  Relief supplies never came so they escaped by bus to live with relatives in Manila.  There, Daemiel struggled with fear and loss.        

“The waves from the typhoon were HUGE! I was so scared! I thought we were going to die,” he told CBN. “I lost all of my things and I lost my friends. I had nightmares.  In my dreams, I would get washed away and my family couldn’t find me.”

And Daemiel wrestled with a growing emptiness in his life too.  That’s when he started watching CBN’s Superbook.  He connected with the story of Job.   

“I saw myself in the story,” he said. “He lost all of his possessions and his children.  Superbook showed me that God is with us and He will take care of us.”

After watching Daemiel prayed to become a Christian. 

“I felt peace inside.  I didn’t have nightmares anymore!” he said. “Jesus is now my true friend. He’s always there for me and he gives me strength.” 

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