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Bringing the Bible to UK Schools

Video Transcript:

Hello  from beautiful Wales! Today I’m in one of the local primary schools where Superbook school lessons are being used in both key stage one and key stage two classes. I am so excited to  see how Superbook is used  in the classroom.  Lets go! 

“Makes me feel more confident because, like it gets me really scared when I’m just up on a stage with everyone watching me.  But I  after that video I think next time that  I ever go up on stage, I am  gonna  know that God is with me and I can do it.” 

“I like Superbook because without them I wouldn’t have as much positivity in my life.” 

As you can see we have an incredible opportunity to share God’s Word in our schools  reaching  a new generation with the truth of the gospel. More than five hundred schools have requested access to our free Superbook school resources to use in their RE lessons and  assemblies. Every story meets the national curriculum requirements  and makes it easy for  teachers and children  to use. If you  would  like to be a part of this amazing opportunity to share God’s word in  schools right here.

Thank  you for helping us bring the timeless truth of God’s Word into our schools!

Help us reach children around the world with the Bible in their own language, in ways they can easily understand.


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