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A Change of Heart

Daw was at her wit’s end. Her son Shine was both unruly and disrespectful. At only 8 years old, Shine had decided that if he didn’t like doing chores, in his Myanmar home, he shouldn’t have to do them. “He always argued with me and then he wouldn’t obey me,” said Daw. “Whether I spoke…

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How one little girl found Jesus through Superbook

Seven-year-old Nazwa had never heard of Jesus. Growing up in a family that practiced a different religion, Christianity was all but forbidden. However, in her Indonesian village, there was a small Christian church nearby, and Nazwa became friends with the pastor’s daughter. Soon, this little girl invited Nazwa to come to church with her and…

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Superbook Gives a Little Boy Peace of Mind

Although only twelve, Zakhar was struggling with the big questions of life and death. Although he was very popular at school and had lots of friends, he wondered what the point of life was. “I knew God existed,” he explained, “We even had a Bible, but I didn’t read it or understand it.” Soon, Zakhar…

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Homeschooling with Superbook

“I love David and Goliath,” exclaimed four-year-old Lydia, “Because the parents don’t fight him, but the little kid does. He had God with him,” she said, explaining about the Superbook episode, “A Giant Adventure.” For homeschoolers Allison and Ryan, finding Bible-based materials to use alongside their daily Bible lessons can be challenging. When they discovered…

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