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Superbook Animation Series

The foundation of Superbook is the Holy Bible, and the purpose of every episode is to reveal the life-changing truth of God’s eternal Word.

When biblical characters speak, great care is taken to ensure that most of their dialogue comes directly from Scripture.

While Chris, Joy and Gizmo go back in time to witness events and interact with leading biblical figures during the Superbook videos, they never alter or influence the outcome of pivotal moments in the story. The modern-day characters are observers of history in the making.

Before the production of each video, researchers begin an intensive study of the Bible story, providing detailed information and images when available of the people, costumes, props, buildings, and locations that will appear in the episode.

Throughout production, the researchers work with the artists and producers to ensure that each image is as historically accurate.

Why Kids? Why Animation?

Animation has a wonderful way of opening a child’s heart—a non-threatening form of media that transcends age, gender, and cultural barriers. Read more....


"We want to let children know that this is a real place, and a real time, and this is a historical event that actually happened."

Gordon Robertson
Executive Producer, Superbook

Superbook Episodes

Dozens of exciting episodes have been produced with many more in development.