Superbook Project

International Outreach

The Superbook Project is reaching children around the world with a message of hope and love!

Excited young families crowd into stadiums to see the Bible videos shown at community outreaches. Mothers and children relax by watching Superbook as they wait for urgently needed health care at medical missions.

Refugees and disaster survivors who lost everything find new hope as they receive humanitarian assistance and spiritual encouragement. And in many nations that were formerly closed to the Gospel, boys and girls now join Superbook Clubs—then invite their friends to come and learn about Jesus.

The Superbook Project is part of CBN's global effort to take the Gospel to every nation. CBN's Orphan’s Promise founder and Co-Host of The 700 Club, Terry Meeuwsen, had this to say about how Orphan’s Promise and The Superbook Project are working together to make a difference:

“I truly believe Superbook is the greatest, most-effective tool available today for sharing the truth of God’s love with young people. We are so blessed to have a partner like Superbook who shares our passion to reach children in need with the hope found only in the Gospel.” 

Terry Meeuwsen
Orphan's Promise Founder

Outreach Highlights


In Cuba, Orphan’s Promise is conducting 'Superbook Clubs,’ where children come to enjoy a nutritious meal and learn more about the God who loves them. It’s incredible to see how the love shared by Orphan’s Promise staff, and the Biblical truth from Superbook are transforming the next generation of leaders in this communist country!


In India, Orphan’s Promise is providing educational opportunities to children who live in slums and trash dumps, and who would otherwise not be able to attend school. Superbook is used as both a Bible curriculum, as well as to teach English. The children love to watch stories about heroes like David, Moses, Noah, and to learn about Jesus, who loved them enough to lay down His life for them!


In Egypt, Superbook and Orphan’s Promise partnered to bring Christmas cheer, and share clearly the real reason for the season with children. Children gathered to watch The First Christmas Episode and many learned about Jesus for the very first time. As the children left they received wonderful Christmas gifts, such as Superbook coloring books, comic books, t-shirts, and even Bibles.

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Children in Ukraine who have been impacted by a long, difficult civil war attend Orphan’s Promise outreaches, which are called ‘School of Life.’ Here, children receive love, care, counseling, and mentorship, and they have fun learning about God’s love as they follow Chris and Joy and their incredible adventures through the Bible. Many children pray to receive Christ as a result of watching Superbook!