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Broadcast Distribution

Salvation Poem

160 Million Viewers

Superbook Episodes have been broadcast to over 160 million viewers worldwide in 2017*

Salvation Poem

90 Countries

Superbook Episodes have been broadcast in over 90 countries in 2018

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Superbook Returns to Japan

In 1981, Japan was the first country to broadcast Superbook on television. It was an instant success, leading the Bible to become the nation’s best-selling book. The Superbook Project is taking the new, reimagined Superbook back to a whole new generation in Japan, and we urgently need your support!


Your gift of any size today will help meet the costs of airing season 2, promotional materials for schools and churches, digital resources, translation, and the important follow-up resources for local churches on the ground.

* Brown and Fraser is a research company founded by Regent University professors Drs. William Brown and Benson Fraser. To prepare the 2017 survey, field teams overseen by Brown and Fraser completed 25,102 interviews in 44 cities or regions of 14 countries. Results of these 14-country studies and results from previous CBN international programming studies were then applied to project the probable audience sizes and programming effects in all nations receiving CBN programming.